The 10 Worst Tackles Brutal Fouls on Lionel Messi ► Only Way to Stop MESSI

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    The most Brutal Tackles and Fouls on Messi | Messi against Top 10 Horror Tackles || Leo Messi is one of the most fouled players in football. Probably the most fouled if you consider the 'advantage plays' of him despite being fouled. Messi is well known for continuing with the ball despite being fouled. Also, Messi never dives. When other players dive and the dives if not caught by referees recorded as fouls. So Lionel Messi is most fouled player in the world. Messi receives an average of 89-97 fouls a season, taking the last two seasons into account. In reality the number is way over 100. Messi is always being targeted by defenders as fouling him is the only way to take the ball from him. Sometimes the defenders don't even try to reach the ball , they just hack Messi down.
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    This video pissed me off! They couldn't stop him so they brutally fouled him! original video:
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