StillDragon® 2 2.5 Baby Crystal Dragon™ with Single ProCap36™ Bubble Plates First Run

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    Watch the First Run of the NEW StillDragon® 2+2.5" Baby Crystal Dragon™ with Single ProCap36™ Bubble Plates! The shown setup is mounted on top of a 50L Milk Can boiler, powered by one 2400W electric heating element. The 2+2.5" Baby Crystal Dragon™ is configured with four bubble sections containing the new 2.5" Single ProCap36™ Bubble Plates with Flow Directors and Adjustable Downcomer Add-Ons (on the two lower plates). The ends of the 2.5" sight tower are especially machined to feature 2" tri-clamp connections, so the rest of the setup is with regular 2" tri-clamp components, like the shown 2" Big Baby Dephlegmator (aka Reflux Condenser) and 2" Regular Product Shotgun (aka Short Product Condenser) leading to the Surge Breaker and Parrot Kit (aka Product Collection Kit). Such a beautiful compact modular still would be perfectly suitable for the casual home distiller in a stove-top still application! StillDragon® User Group - Your one-stop resource for configuring & using the one and only completely modular distilling equipment! For more information please visit our community forum at
    This is a short video of 'Little Dave' our Baby Crystal Dragon R&D still refluxing away happily as we work on our Vesperis Vodka recipe!
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    Learn the differences between Procaps and Bubble Caps. Also learn how to assemble both bubble cap and procap plates for your distilling system.
    автор | дата 19.02.2016
    Watch forum member @Unsensibel make some observations about the bubble action in his 4" Dash™. This video goes with the following forum discussion: ...
    автор | дата 28.06.2014
    Watch a Demo Run of a StillDragon® 5" Crystal Dragon™ with the NEW ProCap36™ + Flow Director Bubble Plates! The shown setup is mounted on top of an ...
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    Doing a spirt run.
    автор | дата 30.09.2013
    This video demonstrates the loading of all nine bubble plates in a 4" Crystal Dragon™. We see the plates getting active from top to bottom, a pan across the still, ...
    автор | дата 02.03.2014
    Watch a short preview of @captainshooch's 4" Crystal Dragon™ with 16 Bubble Plates! StillDragon® User Group - Your one-stop resource for configuring ...
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    Watch @captainshooch perform a test run with his 4" Crystal Dragon™ with 4 of the NEW ProCap36™ Bubble Plates at incredible take-off speed! Although ...
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    Bubble Caps.
    автор | дата 27.09.2013
    Watch a run with a 4" Crystal Dragon™ with 9 bubble plates for the very first time! This video is just a short introduction, there is definitely more to come. Please ...
    Unboxing StillDragon DASH™ COLUMNS. Открытие посылки с сайта СтиллДрагон.
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    Watch a Demo of the NEW Adjustable Downcomer Add-On for the ProCap36™! This video shows a 5" Crystal Dragon™ with ProCap36™ + Flow Director ...
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    Watch @captainshooch run his incredible 4" Crystal Dragon™ with 16 Bubble Plates for the first time! Nothing short of amazing, this video assembled from ...
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